construction of a unit of buildings for
premises and commercial purposes in
the north urban side of Udine (Italy)



Private initiative project. Parcelling out of the North side of the Udine area. Building of two ad three floor units for office distict purpose and commercial purpose


Udine (Italy) – Via Ivrea between Viale Tricesimo and Via Saluzzo


Construction of two buildings: the first is composed by three square units (surface sq mts 43,50 x 43,50) that form a L shaped blok with two floors. The second is a single square unit with three floors. All the buidings have underground garages. Another area is reserved for open or underground parking spaces, along the Via Tricesimo. The pavement area is for commercial purpose. The first and second floor are for premises. The covered area is 9.500 sq mts, and the totale surface of the commercial centre is 12.200 sq mts of which 3.670 to be used for premises.