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national road no.13 called Pontebbana
road rehabilitation
from km 173+000 to km 214+000
and construction of a new tunnel



National road no.13 called Pontebbana - Works for road rehabilitation
from km 173+000 to km 214+000 and construction of a new tunnel
from km 186+000 to km 187+000


(National Authority for the road maintenance in Friuli Venezia Giulia - Trieste)


from Venzone to Malborghetto Valbruna (Udine, Italy)


The work consists in the construction of:

  • a new tunnel 1.2 km long (1.1 km of natural tunnel and 75 m of artificial tunnel), with two lanes 3.75 m wide, two side platforms 1.50 m wide, an exit underground passage (2.40m x 2.30m) connected to 3 flooding rooms.
    Excavation is carried out by drilling the rock with a three-armed boring machine and using explosives. The entire construction is supported by ribs. At the south entrance a gravel cone of 60 m has been consolidated by jet-grouting and threading, and 'berlinese' type micropiles and tie rods 25 m high have been incorporated into the mountain side;
  • a viaduct 240 m long, on two abutments and three piers, built on drilled piles more than 20 m high, with deck comprising Corten steel bearing beams and reinforced concrete slab, and two half-viaducts 160 m and 80 m long with reinforced concrete beams on piers built on micropiles;
  • a 70 m bridge with one abutment built on aggregates consolidated with jetgrouting and a curved deck comprising Corten steel beams and reinforced concrete slab;
  • bank protection over approx. 2.3 km, comprising piles drilled with special machinery due to the presence of large rocks 1.5 m in diameter, built on the river bed and connected to the upper layer of rock by a reinforced concrete ledge;
  • Rock rail with high elastic absorption (3000 kJ) distributed along the road.