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hydraulic settings
on the right side
of river Torre (Italy)



Urgent works to protect residential areas by adjusting the drainage network on the right side of the river Torre and construction of hydraulic and defense structures.


Consorzio di Bonifica Ledra-Tagliamento (Local authority for the reclamation in Friuli, Italy)


Council Districts of Aiello del Friuli, Bagnaria Arsa, Palmanova, Pavia di Udine, San Vito al Torre, Santa Maria La Longa, Trivignano Udinese and Visco (Italy)


Realization of a drainage ditch, approx. 9.7 km in length and with bottom’s width between 3 m, at beginning, and 9 m, near the drain, using part of the bed’s soil of an old military runway and part of salvaged soil.
This work connects the canal Brentana with the stream Torre and its completion will eliminate problems arising from the overflow of the riverbed by rainwater towards the south-east area of the town of Udine. Along the way of the work it
has also been necessary to execute various bridges, that allow the crossing of the canal.
In addition to the stream above, the bed of another canal in the City of Trivignano Udinese, between the river Slavio and the canal Milleacque, has been adjusted to improve its flow; bridges, appropriate to its crossing, have beenconstructed.
The whole work has implied the handling of approx. 300,000 cu. m. of material, the laying of approx. 9,700 cu. m. of concrete and over 500,000.00 kg of iron. It has involved over 50 people, including workers and technicians, and the use of a large fleet of work vehicles such as excavators, articulated dump trucks, bulldozers and trucks.